Breast Reduction In Reunion FL

Reunion FL breast reductionBreast reduction is a plastic surgery that is designed to reduce the size and appearance of the breasts and the nipples, and to improve one’s self-image at the same time. This is a purely aesthetic procedure that does not interfere with the functional capabilities of the breasts in any way. However, this procedure is not intended exclusively for Reunion Florida women, as men who suffer from gynecomastia can use it as well.

Reduction Mammoplasty – Who Is The Perfect Candidate To Go Under The Scalpel?

Generally speaking, people who feel that their breasts trigger shoulder, neck and back pain are the perfect candidates for reduction mammoplasty. On the other hand, women who experience irritated skin underneath the breast can also opt for this type of mammoplasty. This cosmetic procedure is designed to fix asymmetry in breasts as well.

What Does This Plastic Surgery Suppose?Reduction Mammoplasty – A Closer Look At The Procedure

Following the initial consultation where the doctor decides how much breast tissue will be removed, the patient will go under general anesthesia and the doctor will perform three incisions in three key spots of the breast, in order to remove the excess tissue. The purpose of the procedure is to remove all the excess fat and skin, and then to shift the areola and the nipple in the correct position, so they will look as natural as possible.

breast reduction procedure in Reunion

breast reduction procedure in Reunion

What Should The Patient Expect From The Procedure?

Besides the reduced dimensions of the breasts, the Reunion Florida patient will no longer feel the severe back and neck problems that were triggered by the oversized breasts. At the same time, this will also improve their self-esteem and the final result is permanent, although it can be affected by dramatic weight fluctuations.

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What Are The Adverse Reactions That May Arise?

Partial loss in the nipple sensation, bleeding or infection are some of the risks you must be aware of before choosing a reduction mammoplasty. At the same time, there is a risk for asymmetry in the size, shape and the contour of both the breasts and the nipples – however, all these risks can be significantly reduced with the right medication and with the help of a truly experienced plastic surgeon.

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