Breast Reduction In Marianna FL

Marianna Florida breast reductionBreast reduction is a plastic surgery that is designed to reduce the size and appearance of the breasts and the nipples, and to improve one’s self-image at the same time. The functional capabilities of the breasts are maintained, as this surgery is done for purely aesthetic purpose designed to help women improve their self-esteem and their physical health at the same time. Marianna FL breast reduction is designed not only for women, but also from men who suffer from gynecomastia, a condition that triggers enlarged male breasts.

Who Can Opt For Reduction Mammoplasty?

Reduction mammoplasty is designed for those who experience bothersome neck, back or shoulder pain due to the oversized breasts. It often happens that big breasts trigger skin irritation underneath the breast tissue – if that is your case as well, then you are a good candidate for the reduction procedure. Moreover, women who have asymmetric breasts (and one is bigger than the other one) can also opt for this procedure, as it is designed to restore a proportionate, beautifully looking bust.

What Does This Plastic Surgery Suppose?Reduction Mammoplasty – A Closer Look At The Procedure

After the initial consultation where your plastic surgeon will determine how much breast tissue needs to be removed, the doctor will decide on the most suitable breast reduction technique – it often happens that this procedure involves three incisions around the aoreola, underneath the breast and on the breast crease. After removing the excess tissue, the surgeon will alter the nipple and the areola to make them fit the new breasts.

breast reduction procedure in Marianna

breast reduction procedure in Marianna

What Are The Results Of Reduction Mammoplasty?

Besides the reduced dimensions of the breasts, the Marianna Florida patient will no longer feel the severe back and neck problems that were triggered by the oversized breasts. At the same time, this will also improve their self-esteem and the final result is permanent, although it can be affected by dramatic weight fluctuations.

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Potential Risks And Complications

Partial loss in the nipple sensation, bleeding or infection are some of the risks you must be aware of before choosing a reduction mammoplasty. Asymmetry in one or both breasts can also arise, and the overall contour of the breast and the areola can change as well.

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